Handfasting is an ancient pagan ‘marriage’ ceremony, during which the betrothed couple have their hands symbolically bound together with a cord.

Often held outdoors, it is deeply linked to the spirituality of Earth and Nature.

In modern times, it gives couples the freedom to compose a ceremony which reflects their own deeply held beliefs, and allows them to make their commitment to each other in s uniquely personal way.

Traditionally, the ceremony takes place with in defined circle, and friends and family gather around the outside of the circle to witness the exchange of vows.

Here at Themes of Enchantment, we can provide everything for your handfasting. The circle can be flowers, foliage, crystals, candles or stones. The possibilities are endless. The theme is then continued throughout the venue, and will be designed and created especially for you.

We draw heavily on our Welsh traditions, and love to include Celtic and Ogham Tree symbols in our designs.

Photographs on this page are courtesy of Sylen Lakes, the beautiful South West Wales wedding venue that combines all the usual wedding facilities with the stunning backdrop of the lakes, a truly magical and tranquil setting for your handfasting. www.sylenlakes.co.uk